Aldi Christmas Saver card

Terms and conditions

This card:

  1. (a) will expire 5 years from the date it is purchased or, if applicable, 5 years from the last date additional funds were added to it;
  2. (b) should be treated like cash;
  3. (c) can be used in any ALDI store in the Republic of Ireland;
  4. (d) has no value until a balance is loaded by ALDI;
  5. (e) can be combined with other ALDI gift cards;
  6. (f) may have additional funds added, and it's balance checked in store;
  7. (g) has a maximum value of €500 per gift card;
  8. (h) cannot be exchanged for cash, change, vouchers or alternative gift cards;
  9. (i) cannot be used to purchase gift cards, lottery tickets. scratchcards or related material, or anything on or via ALDI's website and
  10. (j) is provided by ALDI Stores (Ireland) Limited (Company No: 294035).

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